On Glass Animations

Be the envy amongst all your friends as you take your selfie to another level with our animation features illuminated through our Envy Booth mirror. You can choose from the various options provided to personalize your experience fit for every occasion.

Pro-grade Photo Quality

Our Envy mirror booth works by placing a canon DSLR of your preference to capture superior images and videos as it’s mounted behind the glass unseen. Whether if you’re taking a selfie or a group photo from any angle, Envy Booth’s got you covered.

Photo Retake Options

Its all about you! Retake photos as you desire with our retake option until you’ve taken that perfect shot!

Wheel of Fortune & Slot Machine

Test your selfie fate with the spinning wheel of fortune, wherever the wheel stops spinning you must follow the selfie command and pose for the photo. No losses here! Just keep winning by pulling the interactive lever on the glass and hit the jackpot with your winning smile.

Interactive Animations

You can interact with the built-in interactive animations. Your interactions are needed with our special animations with the mirror. Burst out a jovial scream with the screaming contest in the mirror and see who among you and your friends can scream the loudest that will then be measured by the scream bar and a snapshot is taken when you get the high score!

Pro-grade Photo Quality

Our Envy mirror booth works by placing a canon DSLR of your preference to capture superior images and videos as it’s mounted behind the glass unseen. Whether if you’re taking a selfie or a group photo from any angle, Envy Booth’s got you covered.

Photo Overlaying Swiping

Try out our Envy Booth’s overlaying swiping option that will allow you to pick an overlay for your image before its shared and printed. It can be set to automatically show up after your selfies are taken. You can pick and choose by swiping through the overlay designs you love, simple as that!

Green Screen Option

With Envy Both you can have fun with the “Green Screen” feature. Use any simple green screen backdrop and auto chroma keying and pose anywhere in the world. Swipe through background after background that you and your friends have set for any event you like.

On Glass Phot Gallery

Our “On-Glass Gallery” selection shows an awesome layout of every photo taken throughout the event. All photos can be selected when you decide to reprint. In case your photo somehow gets lost or an insufficient amount of print copies are selected by a group of people, Envy Booth’s got you covered with this amazing feature.

Gif and Video Saving from Photos

Transform those envious photos into GIFs and videos with our software and you can share them online once you’re satisfied.

GIF Recording

Record your GIFs as our technology takes a quick video that will automatically be turned into a looping GIF animation, even in Boomerang style.

Video Recording

A picture is worth a thousand words…. but with our video recording you can say and show a lot more while creating a message or humorous clips with your friends or family for later entertainment.

On-glass Games

Enjoy playing games on the mirror and take a selfie at the same time to get a one of a kind experience. You can choose one out of four games such as 3 shells and a pea, tic-tac-toe, pong and connect. You can even develop your very own interface game or app using Adobe animate.

Sharing Via MMs

Instantly have your selfies, GIFs and videos in the palm of your hands with Envy Booth by having our mirror upload them to your phone as an MMs message. Its fast, its simple and easy with the on-glass number pad. Customize everything with the sharing-interface, the design, the disclaimer and a custom text.

Sharing Via Email

Send out multiple pictures, GIFs and full videos with our built-in email sharing option. However, we do not offer storage, hosting an email server or online access to the data captured.

Sharing Via Social Media Interface

Envy Booth has access to hotspot connections to wirelessly send your pictures, GIFs and videos to a tablet stand running the social sharing app by way of a third-party software.

Photo Signing and Stamping

Take personalizing your photos a step further by using the signing and stamping feature to create everlasting memories. You can draw and sign directly onto the mirror before its printed on your images later. You can create a glowing effect to stylize your stroke size and color when signing. With the stamping you can choose from over 100 built in emojis, symbols and virtual props. Hold on because that’s not all we can do! You can also add your own custom stamp as a PNG, JPG or SWF file.

Photo Filters Beauty Photo Fitter

While you’re there checking out our Envy Booth check out the “beauty photo fitter” option which allows you to choose and set the fitter’s enhancement and set it’s intensity by way of the options in the software. Make use of the soft contrast, lighting correction, smart noise reduction and specialized facial feature preservation techniques fitter and enhance you and your crew’s photos. Or you can get a little creative by using and adding various artistic effects and fitters to your images right before you hit print!

Instant Printing

Envy Booth printing options will have our mirror asking you how many copies it should print out for you. Pre-set the amount between a minimum and maximum number of copies you desire. The possibilities are yours to be immediately printed. This software supports sizes that your printer permits, be it 6X2, 6X4, 7X5, or 8X6 in both vertical and horizontal in photo strip printing.

Experience Selection

Immerse yourself in the full experience that our Envy Booth provides. With presets that you choose, you can select whether to record a GIF or take a photo. You can offer options that just vary by the number of selfies taken. You can even offer a selection of completely different experiences like “The Devil Experience” or “The Angel Experience” – each one comes complete with its own animations and printout designs. So, with this feature, the sky’s the limit.